Sunday, July 5, 2009


A year ago searching in the net I came across with some pictures of chilean children with Ds and I was able to see my tarek in every children smiles, this is another Extra gift that God gave us to moms with special children!. Well I got the idea to send to Chile a little box with activities,books and other items related to Down syndrome. I contact Suzie smith (President of UDSF) to ask for help and a few months after we got together a little box to send back home. When you have the great opportunity to live in other countries you learn how to appreciate the great resources that USA give to our kids everyday,but more important you learn how to "give back" to the one's that are not so lucky like you specially my people from Chile. I just want to say thank you Suzie and Lily for help me to put this box together, I hope you enjoy seeing the smile of the children holding the bears and other items, Thanks you SISTER Pili, to help me to deliver the box and be so nice with the families in UNPADE,thanks Unpade for the great support that you give to the families and specially Thank you Tarek to teach me everyday how to be a better person.I hope next year more people get together and we can send a bigger box to Chile and help so many children that need better resources to have a better life.
Cecy...the happy mom.
Un anio atras mirando el internet me cruze con fotitos de ninos con sindrome de down en Chile. No pude evitar ver a mi hijo en cada sonrisa de uno de ellos y me propuse enviar una pequena cajita a chile con actividades y cosas pertinentes al sindrome de down. Pues me comunique con Suzie Smith la presidenta de la organizacion aqui en Utah y juntas recolectamos algunas cositas que enviamos con mucho carino. La verdad es que cuando uno vive en otros paises tiene la oportunidad de aprender a apreciar la enormes oportunidades que tienen nuestros ninos al vivir aqui en USA y uno aprende a agredecer y a devolver a quienes no tienen la misma suerte. Gracias especialmente a Suzie y a su hija Lily por ayudarme a juntar algunas cositas, a mi hermanita Pili que tiene un corazon de ORO y fue la conexion perfecta para poder entregar la cajita a manos de UNPADE , a UNPADE a Adelmo y a sus carinosos padres y ninos por hacer una labor maravillosa con muy pocos recursos pero como una sonrisa permanente y por supuesto..... a mi hijo Tarek que dia a dia me ensena a ser una mejor Mujer. mama feliz.


  1. What darling pictures!!I want to help next time you send a box for sure!!

  2. Thanks girls. I still get chills everytime that I check the pictures. It is amazing how so little can make a difference.

    next year will be even better.

  3. What an awesome job you did. Keep it up! I appreciate you so much.

  4. WOW!! This brought tears to my eyes!! I got this email from Gail Williamsen. I would love to help the next time you are sending a box. My family owns a bookstore and I'm sure we would be able to order and donate books. I loved the pictures!!

  5. Thanks! you made me smile!
    If you can send me your email and name I cab contact you in the future when we send another box. My email is
    Thank you so much.